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Ep 127: Timeless Preaching Made Accessible with Revived Thoughts

LCI posts articles representing a broad range of views from authors who identify as both Christian and libertarian. Of course, not everyone will agree with every article, and not every article represents an official position from LCI. Please direct any

Libertarian Presidential Candidates Prefer Each Other Over Justin Amash

“Goodness,” said Kim Ruff, one of the leading declared contenders for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. “I feel like I talk about Justin Amash more than I do about myself.” It was Saturday night just outside of Boston, at one

Identity Politics Gone Mad, From Trump to Ayanna Pressley

President Donald Trump’s awful, unapologetic “you can’t leave fast enough” remarks about the four progressive Democratic congresswomen known as “the Squad” came after an also-ugly spat between said Squad and the allies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.), featuring such

Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner Argues PA Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional

A petition before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court by two death row inmates could upend Pennsylvania’s dysfunctional death penalty, and it has one extremely unusual supporter: the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. In a legal brief filed Monday night in support of