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Why Haven’t We Seen the Body Cam Footage of Duncan Lemp’s Killing?

It’s been nearly four months since Montgomery County police killed 21-year-old Duncan Lemp during a nighttime raid on his house in Potomac, Maryland, but the Montgomery County Police Department has still not released body camera footage from the incident, despite calls from civil liberties groups and Lemp’s family.

Lawyers for Lemp’s family claim he was shot while he was lying in bed during a March 12 no-knock raid by a Montgomery County Police Department SWAT team, who threw flashbangs into his room and fired on him through his bedroom window.

The MCPD says it received a tip that Lemp was in illegal possession of firearms, which he was allegedly barred from owning due to a juvenile offense. The MCPD claims Lemp was in “possession of a rifle” when he was shot. Additionally, the department says Lemp had designed a booby trap on his bedroom door to detonate a shotgun shell in the direction of anyone entering his room.

There’s one way to possibly clear up these two conflicting narratives: release the body camera footage from the fatal raid. But the MCPD has steadfastly refused to do so.

Reason sent two public records requests, one via third-party service Muckrock and another by mail requesting the body camera footage, to the MCPD. It never received a response to either, despite Maryland law requiring the department to acknowledge those requests within 10 days. The American Conservative reported that the MCPD rejected similar requests from the Firearms Policy Coalition, a 2nd Amendment group.

“Montgomery County has refused to confirm that body camera video even exists and the chief has refused our requests for the family to meet with him,” Rene Sandler, an attorney representing Lemp’s family, says. “That is where things stand for the time being.”

A Montgomery county prosecutor also threatened Lemp’s family with jail time and fines if they violated Maryland’s stay-at-home order to protest his killing.

The MCPD and county can spring into action when it feels like it, however. For example, MCPD released body camera footage of the fatal May 7 police shooting of another man, Finan Berhe, a mere 24

You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/2020/07/02/why-havent-we-seen-the-body-cam-footage-of-duncan-lemps-killing/

“University of Massachusetts Nursing Dean Fired After Saying ‘Everyone’s Life Matters'”

One document provided to Campus Reform was allegedly written by Neal-Boylan and sent to Provost Julie Nash. The letter, dated June 19, begins, “As you know, I was fired from my position as dean in the Solomont School of Nursing…” The author claims that an exit interview was requested, but not granted.

“It is important to point out that no one ever gave me an opportunity to share my views of how the college and school were interacting nor explain myself regarding the BLM email. My meeting with you, [Dean] Shortie [McKinney], and Lauren Turner was clearly not intended to give me an opportunity to defend my actions. I was condemned without trial,” the letter obtained by Campus Reform reads.

McKinney did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Campus Reform.

Another document provided to Campus Reform, dated June 16, is addressed to UML Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney and Provost Joseph Hartman. That letter states, in part,  “It seems clear that College Dean McKinney used my email regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM) as rationale to fire me. This is attributable to one phrase in my initial email that otherwise was very clearly a message to NOT discriminate against anyone…It is clear that Dean McKinney used this as an excuse because my performance as dean has otherwise been without fault and has, in fact, strengthened the SSON. You might be interested to know that I have NEVER (in a 40 year career) been accused of racism.”

The same letter went on to list 13 “accomplishments” from the “past 10 months.”

Campus Reform spoke with one faculty member who asked to remain anonymous. The source said the faculty was “totally dismayed” and “completely floored” by Neal-Boylan’s termination. It was allegedly determined that her firing was not due to performance, the source said.

“The Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Shortie Mckinney, had a meeting the day after [the incident], a town meeting… People wanted to know why [she was fired], and what was confirmed is it wasn’t a performance issue,” the source told Campus Reform.

The employee said that the faculty discovered the backlash against Neal-Boylan on Twitter and “put two-and-two together,” determining

You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/2020/07/02/university-of-massachusetts-nursing-dean-fired-after-saying-everyones-life-matters/

Ep. 1685 The Mob Claims Another One

Steve Hsu is professor of theoretical physics at Michigan State University. Until recently, he was vice president for research and graduate studies. Despite over 1000 letters on his behalf including from top academics like Harvard’s Steven Pinker, the administration caved to a Twitter mob and asked for Hsu’s resignation. The reason is so preposterously flimsy that you just need to hear it for yourself.


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