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Tim May, Father of ‘Crypto Anarchy,’ Is Dead at 67

Jim EpsteinTim May, co-founder of the influential Cypherpunks mailing list and a significant influence on both bitcoin and WikiLeaks, passed away last week at his home in Corralitos, California. The news was announced Saturday on a Facebook post written by

Donald Trump Suggests Unfair Media Coverage of His Presidency Could Be Illegal

President Trump has once again taken the position that criticism of him is, or ought to be, illegal. On Sunday morning, he railed against “one-sided coverage” of his presidency, tweeting this: A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour

Shake Off That “Debilitating Pessimism”

I’ve run into quite a bit of negativity out there lately. It seems like a lot of people are frustrated and discouraged. I get it. But I think there is always room for optimism. People will often ask me why

Bring me water

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