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My Investigation of Covid-19

This is one of those investigations in which you ask yourself, IS THE PHENOMENON, AS DESCRIBED, REAL? That’s where I started. At this point, I’ve written well over 150 articles about COVID-19.

And of course, the phenomenon is not real.

Most people wouldn’t be able to grasp that. They’re stuck at the gate, saying, PEOPLE ARE DYING, IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.

Well, people are always dying. It’s very easy to repackage their deaths under a new label. And those that are dying for new reasons…you can track down those reasons, too. In a few places, it’s pollution, in another place it could well be a previous vaccine campaign, and so on. In New York, a lot of people are dying premature deaths because they’re put on breathing ventilators and heavily sedated.

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As I laid out in several key articles, proper procedures of viral discovery were never carried out in China or anywhere else. There is no convincing proof researchers ever found a new virus.

Therefore, every piece of so-called information coming from “new virus” has no foundation whatsoever. For example, the diagnostic tests. Tests for what? And then, the case numbers would be meaningless as well.

But again, these facts are hard for people to swallow. They want to believe. They believe they must believe. It’s a theocracy.

In the set-up, there are two positions you can take. You can stand outside the whole illusion and expose it; or you can enter the illusion and then show internal contradictions and lies and false pictures, within the fraud.

For instance, the case numbers. I’ve explained ways the CDC and other agencies are fiddling them, inflating them. I’ve also stood outside the whole case number game and pointed out it’s without meaning, because, again, the existence of a new virus hasn’t been proven. The tests, all of them, are supposed to be evidence of the presence of the virus.

You can be OUTSIDE or INSIDE. Or both.

Let’s say someone publishes a photo of 510th Street in New York during rush hour. You can simply say there is no 510th Street in New York. Or you can look at the details of the photo. You can say, “You see that man wearing a fleecy winter coat and a long scarf? Now look behind him. There are three girls wearing bikinis waiting for a bus. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

You can also make a circumstantial case. That’s a third aspect of an investigation. “Look, this man accused of check forgery has been convicted three times in other states for the same crime. He worked for his uncle, who went to prison for forgery in France. Right now, he lives above a store where a check forger is turning out fake checks.”

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I’ve done that with the virus—showing that, back through history, the so-called discovery of a new virus, and its promotion, have been used to obscure, and stand in for, other forms of killing. Industrial pollution, forced starvation, purposeful contamination of water supplies, treatment with highly toxic medical drugs and vaccines. The story about a virus protects the killers.

As you can see, I’m explaining all this in a very straightforward way. Now. But in 1987, when the issue was AIDS and HIV, and I was writing a book on the subject, I waded through a mass of confusion for months. The confusion was caused by me being inside the picture and not knowing there was an outside. When I finally realized what was going on, a large number of seemingly disparate pieces of information clicked into place. I saw the landscape. I saw what was in it, and I could stand away from it and look at it as a whole.

As a fourth consideration, you could examine the history of the teachings that train and predispose people to believe in a phenomenon that is not real. In this case, teachings about germs. Teachings that indicate germs are as dangerous as nitroglycerin. Teachings that claim disease comes directly from germs—ignoring, for example, the fact that people have intrinsic immune defenses. Mind control through germ theory is a long story that I’m just briefly mentioning. But it’s very useful to see how indoctrination works in the background; when the next big epidemic is announced, most people immediately fall in line. They’re confirming what they’ve been taught to believe. It’s another church.

There was the church of HIV, the church of West Nile, the church of SARS, Swine Flu, Zika, Bird Flu, and so on.

Speaking of teachings—one of the most important predispositions that people cling to like life rafts is: one effect, one cause. The effect would be COVID-19, and the cause would be the coronavirus. But the effect is not One Thing. As I stated above, people are actually dying as a result of different conditions…which have different causes. Grasping this produces a very beneficial explosion that scatters much mind control.

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Another predisposition is the illogical notion that the effect proves the cause. “Well, look at the all the lockdowns (effect); therefore, the cause, the justification must be the dangerous virus.” Nonsense. Aristotle exposed that fallacy a long time ago.

“But…but I don’t care. People are dying, it must be the virus. I believe.”

Yes, people believe. When has that not been the case?

And when they believe, they ask a few typical questions. “But what about the people dying in Italy?” They are the BUT WHAT ABOUT people. They always have another WHAT ABOUT. Or they’ll say, “There was a boy who suddenly died in Montana, how do you explain that?” The HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN people.

I explain what I can, based on evidence I’ve put together. I don’t know what happened to the boy in Montana or the girl in India or the mother in Mongolia. But I do know there is no particular reason to assume the virus was the cause of death.

True believers tend to put things together this way: the news reports an unusual death; it’s impossible to understand what happened from the account; unusual effect must equal an unusual cause; the COVID virus would be unusual; therefore, the virus caused the unusual death. Preposterous, but there it is. You can take a sledgehammer to that pillar of dull thought, and you won’t knock it down in a hundred years.

Then we come to the question of conspiracy. This can also be called: who benefits? People mistakenly assume that a conspiracy is like a bank robbery. A small number of people walk into a bank and take the money. They benefit. But in a conspiracy, there are compartmentalized beneficiaries, and they aren’t all plotting together. Most beneficiaries see an opportunity and they take it.

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Drug companies make money on the vaccine and the drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients. State governments receive federal money to “fight the virus.” Researchers win promotions. Public health agencies obtain more funding, and more power. Financiers buy up devalued properties at bargain prices. At the top of the ladder, key plotters contrive selling the story of a new killer virus, because they intend to use it to lock down the planet. Why? Because they want to torpedo economies and move in on the wreckage and build a new economic, social, and political world order. It doesn’t take thousands or millions of people—all in the know—to foist a conspiracy. Far from it.

An investigation of a story makes the story fall apart. You see it in a different light. You no longer believe the central narrative. You keep asking deeper questions about basic assertions contained in the story, and your answers produce more collapses of the cement that holds the story together.

Finally, for now, there is the matter of individual choice and responsibility. Individuals can believe or not believe. There is always that option. People are not doomed to accept an oppressive narrative imposed on them. If that were the case, there would be no point to human thought or action. We would forever be victims. This is not the case. It never was. Some people are dedicated to the notion that there is no way out of the dungeon of external control. Their dedication to this proposition has great tonnage. For them. They purposely ignore the fact that, down through history, there has been an enormous struggle to establish individual freedom, and this war has been astonishingly successful—relative to older despotisms and tyrannies. In fact, their choice, now, to walk around spraying doom of whatever brand they want to sell is evidence of that freedom. I’m not impressed by doom. I’m impressed by freedom. We are in yet another fight for it now. I’m impressed by individuals who use their freedom to make their best vision into fact in the world. My investigations are aimed at exposing the power players who plot and fight against freedom.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.

Is Washington Provoking India to a War With China?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a recent video conference suggested that the US might move some of its troops from Germany to the region around India, citing growing US security concerns in the Asian region. Given the dramatic rise in tensions between India and China over disputed borders in the region of Nepal and Bhutan where several soldiers from both sides reportedly died in hand-to-hand combat, the question is whether Washington is deliberately trying to fan fires of war between the two Asian giant powers. As unlikely as that might be at present, it indicates how unstable our world is becoming amid the ‘coronavirus economic depression’, and the perceived power vacuum of a US in retreat.

Speaking to a virtual Brussels German Marshall Fund Forum on June 25,Secretary of State Pompeo was asked about recent statements that the US military planned withdrawing a contingent of its forces from Germany. He replied that the Chinese threat to India and Southeast Asian nations was one of the reasons America was reducing its troop presence in Europe and deploying them to other places. He cited unspecified recent Chinese actions as “threats to India, threats to Vietnam, threats to Malaysia, Indonesia and the South China Sea challenge,” adding, “We are going to make sure the US military is postured appropriately to meet the challenges.”

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Michael Shellenberger: Environmental Alarmism Is Wrong and Harmful

If there’s one consistent message coming from activists and politicians pushing the Green New Deal and massive new subsidies for renewable energy it’s that if we don’t take radical action now, life on Earth as we know it will soon be irreversibly destroyed. Greta Thunberg, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden all have claimed that we have less than a dozen years left in which to save the planet.

Such fear-mongering is flat-out misleading and the findings of the scientists studying global warming don’t support such alarmist claims, according to the new book Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. Michael Shellenberger argues that deforestation and deaths from extreme weather are actually declining, and concerns about environmental damage from plastics are fundamentally misplaced.

Shellenberger, who began his career as an advocate for more government spending on wind and solar, was eventually disillusioned after witnessing the failure of subsidies to fix the inherent drawbacks of renewables. Named a “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine in 2008, he is an “expert reviewer” for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose 2018 report has been widely misinterpreted as saying we had just 12 years to stave off catastrophic climate change. Shellenberger also appeared in the 2013 documentary Pandora’s Promise, which was shown at Sundance, and featured several prominent environmentalists who have come around to see the virtues of nuclear power. 

Nick Gillespie interviewed Shellenberger about Apocalypse Never and why he believes that environmentalism has become a replacement for religion in an increasingly secular world.

Audio production by Ian Keyser.

Photo: James Arthur Photography/James Arthur/Newscom.

You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/podcast/michael-shellenberger-environmental-alarmism-is-wrong-and-harmful/

Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone’ Is Dead, But Its Amazon Tax Has Come Roaring Back to Life

Seattle is back in the business of taxing big business two years after it passed, then repealed, its controversial ‘Amazon Tax.’

On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted 7-2 to approve the “JumpStart Seattle” tax, which taxes the wages paid by businesses to employees making $150,000 or more a year. The tax applies to companies with at least $7 million in annual payroll and is projected to raise $214 million annually.

“We are in the midst of a health and economic crisis that even a strong economy like Seattle may not be able to recover from quickly,” said Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who sponsored the legislation, in a press release following the vote. “JumpStart Seattle will do just that—jump-start our recovery with a relief plan that centers workers, small businesses, and our most vulnerable community members.”

Provided Mayor Jenny Durkan signs the tax into law, it will go into effect next year.

In addition to the tax, the city council also passed a spending plan Monday which would allocate next year’s JumpStart revenue to replenishing any money the city borrows this year from its emergency fund. Starting in 2022, revenue from the tax will go to affordable housing, small business aid, and economic development programs.

The JumpStart tax is the final chapter in the long saga of the Seattle city government’s attempt to tax large employers in the city.

Back in 2018, socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant proposed a $500-per-employee head tax, which she coined the “Amazon Tax,” on companies with revenues of over $20 million. That tax was supposed to raise $75 million a year.

The proposal attracted united opposition from Seattle’s business community and a number of labor groups, who argued that it would drive jobs and business out of the city. Seattle-headquartered Amazon announced a halt to one of its downtown construction projects prior to a vote on the tax.

The city council later passed a compromise $275-per-employee head tax, which they then embarrassingly repealed a month later after business interests launched a campaign to put that tax to city voters through a ballot initiative.

The experience naturally enraged the

You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/2020/07/08/seattles-autonomous-zone-is-dead-but-its-amazon-tax-has-come-roaring-back-to-life/