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Passing Behind Our Backs

I never met the great basketball player, Bob Cousy, the man known as “the Houdini of the Hardwood,” yet he somehow influenced my life in ways I never knew, or to be more accurate, in ways I didn’t reflect upon except in superficial ways.  He was the guy who brought professional basketball into the modern era with his bag of fancy tricks that included no-look and behind-the-back passes, uncanny dribbling, and a magical court sense that made the fast break into an exquisite art form.  The captain and point-guard of the Boston Celtics from 1950-1963, Cousy led the Celtics to six NBA titles, made thirteen all-star teams, and changed professional basketball from a stodgy, boring, and slow game into a fast-paced spectacle, entertainment as much as sport.  He was a wizard with a basketball and set the stage for Guy Rodgers, “Pistol Pete” Maravich, Bob Dylan, Magic Johnson, and Steve Nash, among other tricksters, modern Hermes.

Over the years I have written a great deal on a very wide-range of topics, but it wasn’t until a friend from high school recently sent me Gary Pomeranz’s fascinating book, The Last Pass: Cousy, Russell, the Celtics, and What Matters in the End, that something clicked for me.  A few weeks previously, as the weather had turned spring-like, I had started to shoot hoops at our basket in the driveway. The warm air, the feel of a loose flowing freedom as I dribbled and shot, brought me back to the days when I spent so many hours playing in the Bronx schoolyards of my youth, perfecting my skills in what I can only call a fanatical way. Rushing to the schoolyard after school and on Saturday mornings to be the first there, to command the court, to compete with the older guys and beat their asses. Traveling around the city’s best basketball neighborhoods to play and make my mark. The

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There’s No Longer Any Question: Biden Carried Out a Cover-Up in Ukraine

Trump stands vindicated for accusing Biden of trying to cover up his son’s corruption in Ukraine after one of that country’s lawmakers released audio recordings of the former Vice President’s numerous conversations with former President Poroshenko to that effect, proving that the real Ukrainegate scandal has been about the Democrat front-runner all along.


Ukrainian lawmaker Andrei Derkach released audio recordings that he claims to have received from journalists which convincingly sound as though they’re truly of former President Poroshenko’s numerous conversations with former Vice President and current Democrat front-runner Biden.

The content of their chats concerns the latter’s efforts to pressure the then-Ukrainian leader to remove General Prosecutor Shokin, which Trump and many of his surrogates have claimed was undertaken in an attempt to cover up his son Hunter’s corruption at the Burisma gas company where he was employed and which was the subject of an investigation by Shokin.

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The recordings are remarkably frank, with Poroshenko proudly pledging fealty to Biden and regularly updating him on the progress that he’s made in keeping what he refers to as his “promises” to the former Vice President.


The Daily Beast reported that suspicions are swirling over whether the leak was an inside job in Ukraine or the result of so-called “Russian hacking”,

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It’s Time To Leave Your City. Come to West Virginia With Me.

I am leaving the District of Columbia to work remotely in free, beautiful, inexpensive, friendly, practical West Virginia. I invite you to join me. 

You can live an urban life in Charleston or, just minutes away, you can surround yourself in natural beauty. You can work in policy or construction or whatever else a city offers. The cost of living in Charleston is just 80 percent of the national average. Real estate is especially cheap. For a $25,000 mortgage, your family can start over; for a $65,000 mortgage, you can do well in a great neighborhood. Have kids? The state will soon allow its first charter schools.

School choice isn’t the only way West Virginians might enjoy more freedom than you do. With COVID-19 cases among the lowest in the nation, staying at home is now voluntary, not mandatory.

To assess West Virginia’s relative freedom based on your own values, you can use the personalization function at Freedom in the 50 States, a website run by the Cato Institute. For me, individual rights matter a lot. So do taxes. A city or state that lets people keep more of their own money has greater trust in them and can make less trouble shifting money around.

The income tax in my bracket in D.C. reaches 8.5 percent; in West Virginia, it’s a less disappointing 6.5 percent. Philadelphians at my income level will see a nearly identical 6.5 percent. If I lived in Virginia or Michigan, I’d land somewhere from 5.75 to 6.75 percent, depending on the city I lived in.

Property taxes are harder to compare because of local variation and disagreement among online sources, not to mention the wide variation in median home values. In Charleston’s Kanawha County, the property tax is 0.67 percent, which is slightly above most counties—yet this is more than offset by a median home value of scarcely $100,000. This means paying less than $700 in annual property tax at the median. In D.C., the median homeowner might have a better house (median $640,000) but will pay $2,900 in property tax, about four times as much. The median mortgage

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Robert E. Lee Becomes Roberto Eduardo Leon: An Affirmative Action Controversy from 1979

From People Magazine, April 17, 1979:

Anyone saddled with a name as fraught with history as Robert E. Lee might be forgiven the impulse to change it. But when retired Navy Captain Robert Earl Lee, 56, recently cast off that load in favor of Roberto Eduardo Leon, the response was something short of sympathy.

Leon, who earns $27,857 a year monitoring noise control for the Montgomery County (Md.) Environmental Protection Department, used the name change to apply for the county’s affirmative action program—and the pledge of promotions ahead of equally qualified white males….

Leon bridles at the charge that he is an “instant Hispanic.” He points to a Spanish grandfather and a childhood in San Diego, where, surrounded by Latino playmates, he began speaking Spanish in high school…..

Meanwhile the county’s newest, most controversial Hispanic is getting accustomed to his new heritage, if not terribly serious about it. “One of my compatriots called me a Spic,” he says, “and we had a big laugh over it.”

I didn’t see that one coming.


You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/2020/05/25/robert-e-lee-becomes-roberto-leon-an-affirmative-action-controversy-from-1979/