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Wall Street’s Pitiful Bitch

It doesn’t get more pathetic than this. After the Fed’s “disappointing” 25 basis point rate cute, divided FOMC vote and failure to guarantee more cuts just around the corner, Pusillanimous Powell saw the markets barfing and therefore stumbled forth with

Reviews: Ad Astra and One Cut of the Dead

In the near future, for the usual all-too-human reasons, the beleaguered people of Earth are looking to the stars (ad astra in Latin) for hope and deliverance. But the stars appear to be looking back: a series of “power surges”—fierce cosmic

Don’t Destroy the Constitution To Fight Drag Queen Reading Hour

The Sacramento public library featured a drag-queen story hour, in which men dressed as women read stories to children. It seems bizarre and agenda-driven, given that a stated goal was to provide kids with “glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models.”

Imagining a World Without Qualified Immunity, Part V

This week, in excerpts from a forthcoming article, I have made several predictions about how civil rights litigation would function without qualified immunity. Today I offer my final predictions about the impact eliminating qualified immunity would have on government misconduct