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The Ignored Vitamin Cure

If you want to avert the development of a sight-robbing disease called macular degeneration you are going to have to step outside modern medicine.  Eye doctors only have treatment but no prevention for this dastardly eye disease that robs senior

Property In Ecology

Are property rights compatible with environmental protection? Might they actually be essential for effective conservation? As Garrett Hardin observed in his seminal essay on the “Tragedy of the Commons,” those ecological resources incorporated into property institutions tend to be managed

Central Planning Is Poisonous to Innovation

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is the best way to describe the lack of original thinking that is prevalent in politics. Take the recent resurgence of calls from politicians on both sides of the aisle

Brickbat: Not Playing Around

Woods Cross, Utah, Police Chief Chad Soffe is defending an officer who pulled a gun on a 10-year-old boy playing in his grandmother’s yard. Soffe says the officer was one of several chasing suspects in a reported shooting and mistook the