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The 73rd Anniversary of the Bombing of Nagasaki

Click here to listen “What the Japanese Imperial government could not do in 250 years of persecution (ie, destroy Japanese Christianity) American Christians did in mere seconds” “An irradiated crucifix lies in the ruins of the Urakami Cathedral Following the

San Francisco Is Spending $750,000 on a ‘Poop Patrol’

Azurita/Dreamstime.comSan Francisco’s streets are full of poop. They’re so dirty, in fact, that the city is spending $750,000 on a “Poop Patrol” to take care of human and animal waste before residents complain. The city already tried to tackle the

Can a Baker Be Forced to Make a Transgender Celebration Cake?

Puhhha / Dreamstime.comMasterpiece Cakeshop is back in the news with a lawsuit, but this time it’s not about gay wedding cakes. Instead, it’s a brand new fight over whether the government can force a baker to produce a cake celebrating

Brickbat: Lord Love a Duck

Tony Bosse / Dreamstime.comDylan Dyke, 12, and his family are fighting to keep his two ducks. Georgetown Township, Michigan, officials say local zoning codes don’t allow the family to keep ducks. Mark Dyke, Dylan’s father, says neighbors complained the ducks