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Fact vs. Fiction

As everyone who cares now knows, the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that was held this past Saturday “turned violent.” It “turned violent” just as did so many of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, the “free speech” rallies that

Marriage, Intimacy, & Frustration

APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA All the agony for only imagined ecstasy.  Men being shut out of bedroom activity like they have fleas – it’s

The Federal Government Has Been Subsidizing Phone and Internet Access for Dead People

Elnur/DreamstimeLifeline—a federal program that is supposed to subsidize telephone and broadband internet service for low-income Americans—has been handing out subsidies to millions of ineligible recipients, including thousands of dead people. Now a bipartisan group of senators wants answers. On Monday,

African Americans Are Eight Times More Likely to Be Victims of Homicide Than Whites, Says CDC

Armando L. Sanchez/TNS/NewscomBlack Americans are eight times more likely than white Americans to be the victims of a homicide. That’s just one of the less-than-cheery bit of news the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reveals in “Age-Adjusted Rates for