Party By-Laws

Williamson County Libertarian Party

Rules and Bylaws

As Adopted on March 17th, 2018.

Table of Contents

  1. Name of the Organization. 2
  2. Definitions for body of Williamson County Libertarian Party By-laws. 2
  3. Large precincts. 2
  4. WCLPEC. 2

III. Purpose of the Organization and Mission Statement. 2

  1. Membership. 2
  2. Voting Membership eligibility. 2
  3. Voting Membership. 3
  4. Termination of Voting Membership. 3
  5. No dues for Voting Members. 3
  6. Other Classes of Members. 3
  7. Membership in General 3
  8. Nondiscrimination. 3
  9. Organization. 3
  10. County Executive Committee. 3
  11. B) Terms of Office. 4
  12. C) Eligibility. 4
  13. D) Method of Selection. 4
  14. E) Duties. 4
  15. F) Vacancies and Removal from office for Absences. 5
  16. Miscellaneous. 6
  17. Executive Committee Business Meetings. 6

VII. County/Precinct Conventions. 7

VIII. Parliamentary Authority. 7

  1. Amendment of WCLP Bylaws. 8
  2. Severability. 8


I. Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Williamson County Libertarian Party, hereinafter referred to as the WCLP. The WCLP is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas, hereinafter referred to as the Texas LP.

II. Definitions for body of Williamson County Libertarian Party By-laws

This chapter and the definitions will apply to the entirety of the Williamson County Libertarian Party By-laws unless explicitly stated after the word in a comma limited definition.

  1. Large precincts – the four (4) precincts of Williamson County as drawn by the County Commissioners and designated as the geographic boundaries for the County Commissioner, Constable, and Justice of the Peace elections. Large precincts should not be confused with the much smaller “voting precincts”.
  2. WCLPEC – is the Williamson County Libertarian Party Executive Committee as defined by Section V.

III. Purpose of the Organization and Mission Statement

The WCLP is the official county party affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas, and the national Libertarian Party.

Our goal is to move public policy in a Libertarian direction by electing candidates to public office and advocating for Libertarian issues. This means more respect for our natural rights as citizens, many of which are listed in the Texas Constitution and the US Constitution. This means a smaller government that is focused on protecting our lives, liberty, and property without wasteful distraction. And this also means more respect for our personal freedom and responsibility to take care of ourselves, family, friends, and neighbors without government interference.

The WCLP also aims to create alliances with other organizations and work with the citizens of Williamson County, but we do not officially endorse candidates from other political parties.

IV. Membership

  1. Voting Membership eligibility
    A person is eligible to become a Voting Member of the Party if the person:
    A) is a qualified Texas voter
    B) generally supports the Party’s Statement of Principles
    C) is not affiliated with any other political party
    D) resides in Williamson County.
  2. Voting Membership
    A) During a voting year, on or after the date of the Precinct Conventions, an eligible person may become a Voting Member by affiliating with the Party.
    B) During any other period of time, an eligible person may become a Voting Member by being accepted as a Voting Member by the State Executive Committee, or by the Williamson County Executive Committee.
  3. Termination of Voting Membership
    A person’s Voting Membership shall terminate if the person:
    A) ceases to be eligible for Voting Membership under section IV.1 or
    B) fails to affiliate with the Party on the date of the next Precinct or County Conventions.
  4. No dues for Voting Members
    No dues shall be required for a person to become a Voting Member.
  5. Other Classes of Members
    The Williamson County Executive Committee may create, eliminate or modify other classes of Membership. Such classes may or may not require Voting Membership, and may or may not require payment of such contributions or dues as the respective committee shall deem proper. Such classes shall not grant any preference or privilege regarding the strength of votes or the manner of voting, or in election or appointment to office.
  6. Membership in General
    All Voting Members, and all Members of other classes created by the State or County Executive Committee, shall be considered Members of the Party.
  7. Nondiscrimination
    No eligible persons’ rights of Membership and participation shall be denied or restricted.

V. Organization

  1. County Executive CommitteeA) The County Executive Committee of the Party shall be composed of:
    1) A Chair
    2) A Vice Chair
    3) A Secretary
    4) A Treasurer
    5) Two (2) Representatives from each of Williamson county’s four (4) large (county commissioner) precincts.
  2. B) Terms of Office
    1) The terms of office of all members of the Committee shall be from the final adjournment of the County Convention at which they are elected until the final adjournment of the next County Convention.

2) The terms of Committee members appointed after a regular convention shall expire at the final adjournment of the next regular county convention.

  1. C) Eligibility
    1) Candidates for county officer positions must have been a voting member for at least one year prior to assuming office by either election or appointment, and legally reside within the county.

2) Candidates for Precinct Representative must be a voting member at the time of assuming office by either election or appointment, and legally reside within the precinct.

3) No person shall hold more than one Executive Committee office. An Officer may serve as a Precinct Representative, but that officer’s vote shall not be counted more than once.

4) If, during a county convention, no member eligible for an officer position under these rules accepts nomination for permanent chair, the convention chair may choose to open nominations to any delegate to the county convention.

  1. D) Method of Selection
    1) The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of all the delegates at each regular County Convention by secret ballot.

2) The delegates present at each County Convention from each large precinct shall meet and elect in large precinct caucuses up to two representatives from large precinct.

3) If a large precinct caucus fails to elect a Precinct Representative to the Committee, or should a large precinct fail to be represented by delegates at the County Convention, the office of Precinct Representative for that precinct may be filled by the County Executive Committee.

  1. E) Duties
    1) The Chair shall be the principal and presiding officer of the Committee and the chief executive officer of the Party. The Chair of the WCLP shall issue an annual report of the progress of the WCLP at the February meeting of the WCLP.
    2) The Vice Chair shall be the Chief Operating Officer of the Party, shall perform the duties of Chair whenever the Chair is unable to do so, and shall assist the Chair.

3) The Secretary shall keep such minutes and records as are necessary; shall conduct mail balloting; shall give all notices required by these rules; shall maintain and certify the official copies of the Rules and Platform; shall maintain a roster of names, addresses and telephone numbers of members of the County Executive Committee, of Precinct Chairs, and of candidates for the Party’s nomination for public office; shall cause the minutes or transcripts of meetings of the County Executive Committee to be furnished to the members of the committee as specified in these rules; and perform such other duties as the Chair directs.

4) The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the Party, shall maintain Party bank accounts and other financial assets, shall ensure that the County Executive Committee is aware of the financial condition of the Party, shall issue financial statements to the County Executive Committee at least quarterly, shall ensure that Party funds are disbursed only according to these rules and state or federal law, and shall perform all other duties required of this office by applicable federal or state law, or by action of the County Committee or by these bylaws.

5) The Precinct Representatives shall actively further the growth of the Party within their Precinct and shall make all reasonable efforts to establish and promote local Party organizations therein. The recruitment of “voting precinct” chairs and the promotion of Libertarian candidates and issues should be considered a high priority. Precinct Representatives are encouraged to schedule regular Precinct meetings in their area of responsibility.

6) All members of the Committee shall further have all other authority and duties implied by their title and expressed or implied by these bylaws, or assigned by the Chair or the Committee.

  1. F) Vacancies and Removal from office for Absences
    1) Vacancies
    (a) Should a vacancy occur in the office of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or District Representative, the County Executive Committee shall elect a successor to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

(b) If the office of the chair becomes vacant, and the County Executive Committee does not meet for more than three (3) consecutive months, the State Chair may appoint at County Chair in accordance with State Party Rules.

2) Removal from office for absences
(a) If an officer to district representative is absent from two consecutive regular business meetings of the Committee, that position shall be declared vacant by the chair.
(b) Whenever the County Executive Committee removes a
member of the Committee, the Secretary shall officially notify that member of their removal.

3) Removal from office
(a) A vote by two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee whereby the motion is to remove a particular member.
(b) A motion of “no confidence” which can be made by any voting member of WCLP. Such a motion shall supersede and take priority over all other motions on the floor at such time with the exclusion of any points of order, points of inquiry, and adjournment. If this motion receives two-thirds (2/3) of the vote in favor of “no confidence,” from the WCLP body of voting members, the Executive Committee member named in this motion shall be removed from the WCLP Executive Committee.
(c) If a Committee member is determined by the Executive Committee to no longer be a voting member or a legal resident of the county for officers, or the precinct for representatives, the Chair shall declare that position vacant.

G. Miscellaneous

1) The Executive Committee shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the WCLP, exercising full authority over the affairs of the WCLP between the regular Conventions.

2) Subordinate Committees:

(a) Establishment: The Executive Committee may establish such committees as it deems appropriate to assist it in carrying out its non-statutory duties and may appoint to such committees persons who are not Officers of the County Executive Committee.

(b) Scope: No action of a subcommittee or of any standing committee created by the County Executive Committee shall replace or supersede the actions or authority of the County Executive Committee at its subsequent meetings.

VI. Executive Committee Business Meetings

  1. Regular business meetings of the WCLP Executive Committee shall be held quarterly in the months of February, May, August, and November indefinitely, unless otherwise ordered by the WCLP Executive Committee. Special sessions of the Executive Committee may be arranged if the Chair so decides, or if two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee submits a written request. As a courtesy, regular meetings or special sessions will be held between the hours of 6 pm and 10 pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday) or 11am to 9pm on weekends.
  2. A quorum is required to hold an Executive Committee Meeting and is
    achieved when a majority of the Executive Committee is in attendance to
    the regular or special meeting.
  3. WCLP Executive Committee meetings shall be open to the public, but voting
    on items of the meeting shall be limited to members of the WCLP Executive Committee (WCLPEC). If someone outside the WCLPEC wishes to address the body of the WCLP at a regular meeting the individual must first be recognized by a member of the WCLPEC.

4) An Executive Committee Member may cast only one (1) vote on matters before the WCLP Executive Committee. There is no vote by proxy.

VII. County/Precinct Conventions

  1. A regular County Convention of the WCLP shall be held every general election voting year; this being every two years.
  2. To qualify as a delegate in order to participate in the regular WCLP county convention, one must reside in Williamson County and be affiliated solely with the Libertarian Party for the voting year in which the particular election is being held.
  3. The Secretary of the WCLP shall keep a roster on file of the delegates that will include the delegate’s name and address and this roster will be kept for two years. The roster shall be final upon adjournment of the convention and subsequent additions to this roster are not permitted.
  4. Events that would invalidate an affiliation and address changes are required to be recorded and the Secretary is responsible for making these changes on the roster once notified of these changes.
  5. Election of delegates to district conventions shall be voted upon by the County Convention.
  6. Primary delegates for state conventions must be elected at the county convention.
  7. When alternate delegates are allowed, alternates will be assigned a numerical order of precedence for attendance to district and/or state conventions.
  8. A motion to adjourn a county convention is out of order without the convention first voting to select party officers to the county Executive Committee and primary delegates for state and district conventions.

VIII. Parliamentary Authority

  1. The preceding text creates the bylaws of the WCLP organization and constitutes the rules of the WCLP. All other matters are governed by the Texas LP.
  2. For any rules not mentioned on any pages of this document or the Rules published by the Texas LP, the 10th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall have authority over the proceedings of the meetings held by the WCLP and the WCLP Executive Committee.

IX. Amendment of WCLP Bylaws

  1. These bylaws of the WCLP stated in this document are subject to amendment.
  2. Any proposed amendments shall be made at a regular county convention or a special session of the WCLP Executive Committee. In order for the WCLP bylaws to be successfully amended, there must be a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote in favor of the amendment in the convention/session by the WCLP Executive Committee/members present respectively.
  3. To facilitate understanding of these bylaws, amendments approved by the body shall be inserted directly into the body of the document where appropriate. Minor punctuation and spelling errors may be edited with a simple majority vote of the County Executive Committee.
  4. The Secretary shall keep records of all previous bylaws, and amendments made to bylaws for historical purposes. The records shall be available to the public upon request.

X. Severability

If any portion of these Bylaws is held to be invalid or void by court or action of the LPTX, the remaining portions shall remain in effect.