Switzerland Sick of and Sick From 5G

Swiss opposition to 5G is not new and not just from residents.  In 2017, Swiss doctor Bertrand Buchs launched a petition asking for a moratorium on its installation and since then doctors and scientists worldwide have signed it.  Research has determined that exposure can

Who Needs John Bolton?

Following John Bolton’s departure from the White House, Saudi Arabia’s oil facility was attacked by drones operated by the Houthi rebels of Yemen.  Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo once again claimed that it was the Iranians who committed the attack

Notes From the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

Most human suffering is due to believed mental stories, from the psychological suffering of the individual to the large-scale suffering caused by international power structures who advance violence and oppression via propaganda. We must evolve a new relationship with narrative.

Don’t Worry, Partisan Politics Isn’t Getting in the Way of Government Spending

What’s got your goat right now? Maybe it’s all those climate-change strikes that are giving schoolkids cover for playing hooky on a beautful early Autumn day. Or maybe it’s that we’re not doing enough to combat climate change. Blackface is