Judge Rules Developers Must Remove Up to 20 Existing Floors From Manhattan Condo Tower

NIMBY (“not in my backyard”) activists often stop housing from being built. Anti-development groups in New York City might achieve the rare feat of tearing down already existing housing. Last Thursday, New York Supreme Court Justice W. Franc Perry ruled

With Bernie Sanders in the Lead, Is Democratic Socialism Unstoppable?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) squeaked out a victory in last week’s New Hampshire primary, but now he has a new threat to contend with: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose formidable pocketbook has helped put his campaign near

American Heart Association Journal Finally Retracts Study Implying That E-Cigarettes Cause Heart Attacks Before People Use Them

Eight months after the Journal of the American Heart Association published a study implying that e-cigarettes magically cause heart attacks before people even try them, it has retracted the article. “The editors are concerned that the study conclusion is unreliable,”

Another EV Exemption

It’s apparently not enough to pay people to buy EVs – using other people’s money. EVs must be given additional artificial advantages – so that they may “compete” even more unfairly with non-electric  cars. Because, of course, they can’t compete on