Roy Moore, who lost Alabama Senate race after allegations of sexual misconduct, announces another run for the seat

By: Dartunorro Clark and Vaughn Hillyard NBC News Photo: FolsomNatural via Flickr MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Roy Moore, the failed U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama who was accused of sexual misconduct by several women when they were teenagers and he was

Sen. Paul Calls on Senate to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Sen. Rand Paul CSPAN2 | U.S. Senate – June 20, 2019 “Why would we give weapons to countries that give weapons to our enemies?” Follow @thehuli You can read the rest of this article at:

Can Government Punish Twice for the Same Crime?

“…nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb…” -Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution The government in America is out of control. There is no happy ending here.

Tesla’s Stock Has Surged 22% on This $2 Trillion Market Opportunity

By: Wesley Messamore CCN Photo: Peteratkins Tesla’s stock is making a fast and furious comeback in June. That’s good news for shareholders after TSLA spent the first half of 2019 suffering crippling losses. Now the famed electric automaker’s stock is