Videographers Have First Amendment Right Not to Make Same-Sex Wedding Videos

[A.] The Larsens’ videos are a form of speech that is entitled to First Amendment protection. The Supreme Court long ago recognized that “expression by means of motion pictures is included within the free speech and free press guaranty of

Ep. 1477 Teacher Pulls Back Curtain on Government Schools

Larry Ludlow reports from his own experiences within the government school system. It’s pretty brutal, folks. Sponsor Simple Habit is a meditation app that takes five minutes of your time, that you can use on the go (you don’t have

Negative Interest Rates

Those who had hoped that things could not get worse with the monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB) have been proven wrong. At its last meeting on 25 July 2019, the Governing Council of the ECB kept interest

Brickbat: The First Cut Is The Deepest

The Leicester Royal Infirmary, a National Health Service hospital in England, has agreed to pay Terry Brazier  £20,000 (about $24,300) for mistakenly circumcising him. Brazier, 70, had gone to the hospital to have Botox injected into his bladder, a treatment