Girding for Confrontation

On May 30th, Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced a momentous shift in American global strategic policy. From now on, he decreed, the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), which oversees all U.S. military forces in Asia, will be called the Indo-Pacific Command

Trump Signs Executive Order Reversing Family Separation Policy

Abaca Press/Douliery Olivier/Abaca/Sipa USA/Newscom Today President Donald Trump signed an executive order that purports to end the separation of migrant families while maintaining his administration’s “zero tolerance” approach to illegal border crossing. “We want security and insist on security for

Brickbat: For the Birds

Inbar Stern / Dreamstime.comBrad Martell has been feeding birds in the backyard of his Melbourne, Australia, home for 20 years. Then a new neighbor moved in. The neighbor complained to local officials, who fined Martell $200 for feeding wildlife. Martell

A Little-Noticed Legal Ruling That Is Bad News for Trump

Can the president of the United States be sued for damages in a civil proceeding? The answer depends on the nature of the president’s alleged misconduct. In Nixon v. Fitzgerald (1982), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president has