State Action Needed to Address Proposed National Student Database

A bipartisan push in Congress could lead to a national database containing personally identifiable information on college students. States can act now to limit collection and sharing of such data to stop this unconstitutional threat to privacy. The Higher Education

Criminal Justice at a Crossroads: Opening Remarks and Panel 1 — Law Enforcement and the Communities They Serve

The first months of the Trump administration have confirmed that criminal justice will remain a contentious issue for the foreseeable future. Trump’s “law and order” rhetoric on the campaign trail has led to significant changes in federal criminal justice policy.

Murray Rothbard: Mises’s True Heir

Recently a young Austrian scholar made a very interesting observation in an informal discussion on Facebook:  I have experienced that when you quote Mises instead of Rothbard (and they say basically the same in most circumstances) other Austrians are usually

A Defense of Highly Curated (and Strange!) Diets

In the old days, people would go on diets to lose weight. People said it was about health, but it was usually about vanity. That’s fine. Then it really did become about health. Everyone I knew claimed to have some