Mayor Morgan, Councilmembers Young and Peckham begin three-year terms

Former Mayor Alan McGraw After a special called meeting of the City Council which saw local residents, friends, family and City staff gather to celebrate the end of Alan McGraw’s nine-year tenure as mayor of Round Rock, the newly-elected Mayor

Brickbat: It’s Just Not Cricket

The great thing about this story is that Trump supporters will be able to point out that the left on campuses around the country and in leftist NGO’s are pushing hard to bring similar though crime penalties to the US.

Stalin Edges Out Putin in Russian Poll on Greatest Figure in World History: New at Reason

Isaac BrodskyComing to terms with one’s own delusions is a difficult task, as a new poll in Russia where respondents said Joseph Stalin was the greatest figure in history. Marian Tupy writes: As a student at a British university in

Water wisely, as tiered water rates are in effect

The City of Round Rock’s four-tiered water rate structure, designed to encourage conservation, is now in effect. The conservation rate tiers are: Tier 1: $2.49 per 1,000 gallons for consumption between 0-18,000 gallons Tier 2: $3.11 per 1,000 gallons for