The 73rd Anniversary of the Bombing of Nagasaki

Click here to listen “What the Japanese Imperial government could not do in 250 years of persecution (ie, destroy Japanese Christianity) American Christians did in mere seconds” “An irradiated crucifix lies in the ruins of the Urakami Cathedral Following the

Cars Could Be the Latest Instrument of Assault to Be Banned in London

Stefan Rousseau/ZUMA Press/NewscomIn the aftermath of a car attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London, U.K. officials have proposed making the area a car-free zone. On Tuesday, the driver of a silver Ford Fiesta hit multiple pedestrians and cyclists,

Originalism’s Final Frontier: Is Trump’s Proposed Space Force Constitutional?

President Trump recently proposed the establishment of a new branch of the armed forces: the Space Force. And it’s going to be a “separate but equal” force, according to the President. By that, – hopefully – he means that it

Trump and Sanders Both Stand Against Free Trade

Despite several interviews revealing a profound lack of basic knowledge about public policy and government, 28-year-old self-described democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a darling of the media and the left. Her surprise primary victory in a heavily Democratic district all