Video: ‘Barack Obama’ Calls Trump a ‘Total and Complete Dipshit’

Watch Barack Obama call President Trump a “total and complete dipshit”: Of course, that isn’t real. It’s a video created by comedian and Academy Award winner Jordan Peele, employing increasingly easy-to-use programs to demonstrate the coming age of nearly seamless

The Supreme Court Eyes Online Sales Taxes

If you think internet companies aren’t paying any taxes for online sales and that’s killing bricks-and-mortar retailers and states’ budgets, you, my friend, have been duped. Nothing could be further from the truth. The internet isn’t a tax-free zone, nor

Trump’s Strange Appeasement of Putin

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is used to being surrounded by diplomats representing murderous regimes, has found out the most dangerous place for her to be: between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. In a TV interview Sunday, she said the

¿Cómo decidimos a qué precio vender? ¿Me dicen algo las curvas de oferta y de demanda?

  Martín Krause Académico Asociado del Cato Institute y profesor de Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Artículo publicado originalmente en el blog El Foro y el Bazar ♦♦♦ En muchos casos el mundo de la economía parece divorciado