South Carolina Island Seeks Chain Business Ban to Maintain ‘Unique Character’

Chon Kit Leong/Dreamstime.comA South Carolina island might soon ban chain restaurants and other stores from opening up new locations. One of ban’s main goals, according to the proposed ordinance, is to maintain the island’s “unique character.” About 2,400 people live

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Have Big Plans for 2020: They Want to Spend More Money!

Ron Sachs/SIPA/NewscomAlthough the midterms are still in front of us, the leading lights of the Democratic party, and its likely presidential frontrunners, are already preparing for the election to follow, with a series of sweeping domestic policy proposals. You can

Sen. Rand Paul Charts Independent Course on Saudi Crisis

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Ep. 1267 The Facebook Purge Continues

The Facebook purges continue, with recent victims including the Free Thought Project (3.1 million likes), Police the Police (1.9 million likes), and V is for Voluntary (165,000 likes). I speak to the folks behind these three pages today. Sponsor Away