Waffling Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter talks tough, but only in print. She refused to talk tough when it came time to talk. She was invited to Berkeley. She made a lot of noise about it. Then, when push threatened to come to shove,

The Place of Christianity in History

In today’s irreligious and indeed anti-religious climate the fashion is to dismiss Christianity as crude superstition and to babble wisely about the separation of church and state. This is unfortunate, and stupid since Christianity was the heart and soul of

I Gave My Waitress a ‘Libertarian Tip’: Taxation Is Theft!

Have you seen the viral “libertarian tip“? Someone in Missouri left a cash tip with a note explaining it was actually a personal gift and so not subject to state and federal income taxes, and wrote “taxation is theft” in

Prostitution-Ring-Running Cop Sees Court, But Police Who Extort Sex Often Go Unpunished

Luiz Roberto Lima/ZUMA Press/NewscomIt’s been an astounding week for abuses of power and sexual violence committed by state agents. In New York City alone, one former cop is on trial for running for running a prostitution ring, another was sentenced