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The West Against the Rest

What is the bigger story? The West Against the Rest or The West Against Itself? The Illiberal Quartet of Xi, Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan is in the line of fire of haughty homilies about Western “values.” Illiberalism is arrogantly and

Don’t Be a POW

Back in July, the remains of 55 American soldiers from the Korean War were returned by the government of North Korea to the United States. This served to reopen the issue of whether some American POWs were transferred by North

Cody Wilson, Home Weapon-Making Pioneer, Charged with Sexual Assault for Paying for Sex with a Minor

Cody Wilson, the maker of the first 3D-printed plastic gun who is currently embroiled in legal trouble as he fights to assert his and his company’s (Defense Distributed) First Amendment rights to distribute computer files that can help in the

High School Journalists Fight for Their 1st Amendment Right to Report on Their School’s Administration

Screenshot via https://bhsregister.comA Vermont high school guidance director was recently charged with six counts of unprofessional conduct. On September 10, student journalists with the Burlington High School Register reported that the charges against Mario Macias, their guidance director, included falsifying