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Connecticut’s Liquor Pricing Scheme Is a Bad Law That Just Won’t Die

Fabio Venni / Flickr Shoppers in Connecticut pay the price of paternalism every time they frequent a local liquor store. Prices are 24 percent higher than in neighboring states or up to $8 more a bottle, thanks to a law

The Plan To “Privatize” Air Traffic

This article was originally published at The Trump administration would like to privatize air traffic control, taking it from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That is exactly what should happen, but is that what will happen? The question we

Brickbat: It’s Just Not Cricket

The great thing about this story is that Trump supporters will be able to point out that the left on campuses around the country and in leftist NGO’s are pushing hard to bring similar though crime penalties to the US.

Stalin Edges Out Putin in Russian Poll on Greatest Figure in World History: New at Reason

Isaac BrodskyComing to terms with one’s own delusions is a difficult task, as a new poll in Russia where respondents said Joseph Stalin was the greatest figure in history. Marian Tupy writes: As a student at a British university in