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The Long Captivity of Julian Assange

These long summer days are good for forest walks or swimming; in the evenings, I read classics with my 10 year old son who otherwise spends too much time at video games. This time, it happens to be the Odyssey, the

Phoenix’s Government Might Shut Down Over High Stakes Light Rail Fight

Danny Raustadt/Dreamstime.comA bitter fight is breaking out in Phoenix, Arizona, between city officials eager to construct a new light rail line out to the poorer, southern reaches of the famously car-dependent city, and south Phoenix business owners, who fear the

After a Year Stuck in Jail, Reality Winner to Accept Plea Deal for Leaking NSA Report on Russian Election Meddling

STRINGER/REUTERS/NewscomReality Winner—the young contract employee arrested and prosecuted for espionage after leaking a secret National Security Agency (NSA) report about Russian attempts to infiltrate U.S. voting systems prior to the 2016 election—has reportedly accepted a plea deal. Winner was arrested

ACLU’s David Cole Responds About ACLU and the Freedom of Speech [UPDATED with comments from former ACLU leaders Nadine Strossen and Ira Glasser]

I’ve been traveling with family, so I haven’t been able to focus on many interesting stories in the news; one that I’ve heard about, but couldn’t look into closely, involves Wendy Kaminer’s (paywalled) Wall Street Journal article titled, “The ACLU