The US Empire Is Alive and Well

Before Donald Trump was elected president, the U.S. military garrisoned the planet with troops and bases. President Trump has been in office now for three and a half years. The U.S. military is still garrisoning the planet with troops and bases.

Oh, but Trump wants to withdraw 10,000 U.S. troops from Germany. Although some bloodthirsty imperialists at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) oppose the withdrawal, and twenty-two militarist, warmonger Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee expressed concern that the withdrawal would “strengthen the position of Russia to our detriment,” Trump is not without criticism since he just wants to move these troops to permanent U.S. bases in Poland.

Moving U.S. troops to Poland from Germany does not make one an isolationist. It makes one a chess master who is simply moving U.S. military pawns around the board. Trump is a militarist and imperialist just like the “conservatives” in Congress and at the AEI.

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According to the latest edition of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Base Structure Report: “The DoD manages a worldwide real property portfolio that spans all 50 states, 8 U.S. territories with outlying areas, and 45 foreign countries.  The majority of these foreign sites are located in Germany (194 sites). The DOD owns, leases, or controls 47,288 buildings

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