In Defense of Walter Block – Bulwark Against the Leftist Academic Takeover

With all that they have already taken down, the mob has now set its eyes on a new target – academia.

It’s bad enough that universities are filled with predominantly leftist academics, that scream about fabricated claptraps like “institutional racism.” I know this, because I’ve seen it every day in the “honors” college at my university.

But, no. Somehow this is not enough for the mob.

As a STEM major, I thought that I would be free from leftist jargon taking over my curricula, but that was a big miscalculation. Some crazies want to “embed learning outcomes related to ethics” in my engineering and mathematics courses.

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Jeff Deist was right to say that colleges are virtually left wing think tanks, nowadays.

But a few contrarians exist out there to counter the prevailing campus norms. And I regard my friend Dr. Walter Block as one of these dissenters.

A group of butt hurt students (of the type I frequently encounter on my own campus) decided to set up a petition against him, because he’s supposedly “racist.”

Unlike the loser who set up the petition (that barely got 500 signatures), I’ve known Dr. Block fairly well over the past few years. He is a good man of great wit and creativity. Attaching a pejorative to him is an obscene, unwarranted,

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