How Hollywood Killed the Hollywood Star

Some claim the Internet has killed the Hollywood Star. For me it was a little different. What killed the Hollywood Star had to do more with:

The decades of pedophilia controversies,

And the casting couch,

The clearly sick people who end up in Hollywood,

The drugs,

The abuse,

Their annoying belief that I want to hear from them about how I should vote or what causes they support, and the mistaken belief that smug delivery of that data is advisable and effective in moving me to action,

Their insistence in sneaking in those opinions in the most jarring moments, just as I’m about to find some relaxation in the entertainment I’m watching,

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And to deliver that belief with such annoyingly arrogant high-mindedness,

Their influence in this regard over the gladiatorial titans of the NFL who I watch for their athleticism, sense of courage, and drive to push the limits of human potential, and who have now started to use their podium as athletes to proselytize to their audience thereby detracting from the experience they peerlessly provide,

Their awful remakes of good movies,

Their tendency to load awful remakes with social justice motifs (another term for the anti-social, anti-justice, pro-oppression movement called Cultural Marxism), motifs that are as enjoyable as the sensation of a mushy paper straw dissolving in your mouth as you try to sip the

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