Can the Fed Solve Climate Change

Remember Solyndra?


That was the green energy company that received over half a BILLION taxpayer dollars in federal “loan guarantees” from the Obama stimulus plan . . . and then promptly went bankrupt.


Solyndra became the poster child for the failure of Obama’s green energy initiatives.


Well the Federal Reserve may soon turn the whole country into Solyndra.


You see, just a few months ago, the Fed acknowledged that climate change is a “core issue” for them.


And Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently said the Fed would make sure climate change did not “destabilize the financial markets.”


Powell said the Fed will “eventually” join a group of central banks from around the world that assesses the risks and potential responses to the “climate change crisis” called the “Network for Greening the Financial System.”


But he gave no specifics on how the Fed planned to “protect” financial markets from climate change.


So, we don’t know if the Fed is planning to launch a “Green” Quantitative Easing by buying assets of green energy companies to give them an edge in the marketplace. . .


. . . or if the Federal Reserve is going to step up its purchases of treasury securities to monetize the costs of the Green New Deal, enabling even more government debt, inflation, and a weaker dollar.


Or maybe they will pressure banks and other financial institutions to stop lending to businesses rumored to “contribute to climate change.”


Maybe the Fed will do all of these things and inflict even more damage on the economy than their easy money, pro-Wall Street/anti-Main Street policies have already done.


We also don’t know why the Fed is considering this since, as Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul has stated, the science on climate change is far from settled.


In fact, there is plenty of evidence that human action is not causing climate change.


The truth is, we won’t know the details of the Fed’s plans to “save us from climate change” until it’s too late. . .


Unless Congress passes Audit the Fed!


So please call your U.S.

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