America the Corrupt

Corruption is defined in the dictionary as “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power.” It can no longer be denied that in every area of government and business, present-day America fits this description like a glove. Throw in a decadent culture, and a beaten-down, largely amoral populace, and you have America 2.0.

Our legal system is a laughingstock. I am just starting to write a book about our injustice system, and the statistics and personal stories are stunning. Cops routinely harass innocent motorists or pedestrians (but never threaten gang members, for instance). Prosecutors cling to cases with no real evidence, and push forward to convict those they know aren’t guilty. It’s all about winning under our adversarial system. Juries rubber-stamp dubious cases with guilty verdicts most of the time. And politicized  judges rule over the mess like feudal lords, with bias and inconsistency.

Our medical industrial complex, which I worked for during my entire adult life, is worse than anyone outside of it can imagine. Arrogant doctors and uncaring nurses provide patients with a Third World level of care. Big pharma, insurance companies, and wildly overpaid healthcare executives ensure that patients pay outrageous prices for even the smallest things. Insurance companies charge more each year, and cover less. Big pharma’s deadly products can be obtained in other countries for comparative pocket change. And yet even those victimized by this horrific system swallow the industry’s propaganda that it is somehow superior to single-payer systems.

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