Trump Winning the Trade War Would Make China Stronger, Not Weaker

“We don’t win anymore,” said candidate Donald Trump numerous times during his 2016 presidential campaign, referring to America’s trade relationship with other countries. Trump and tens of millions of his supporters hold the protectionist view that trade, like all human relationships, is a war that must be “won.” Rather than exchanges that leave both parties better off, protectionists see trade as a zero-sum game in which one side benefits at the other’s expense.

Fair Trade Over Free Trade

The president has said on more than one occasion that he supports free trade, but he insists it must be fair, meaning that China or other partners reciprocate any relief from tariffs and other burdens placed on their exports. And it is true that China has not treated American exports to China the way America has treated Chinese exports to America.

China has been more protectionist and is likely engaging in some subsidization and/or other government assistance to its exporters, even if it and its effect on America’s trade deficit with China are greatly exaggerated. Americans would be better off with zero tariffs and completely free trade regarding its imports.Regardless, Trump and his supporters draw completely the wrong conclusion. Persuading Xi Jinping to adopt free trade policies would make China’s economy stronger, not weaker.

There has been a lot of ink spilled, including by this writer, about the negative effects Trump’s trade policies have on Americans. Yes, if China were to reduce all its tariffs to zero and throw open its markets completely to international trade, Americans would be better off. But even if China continues its high tariffs and other interventions, Americans would still be better off with zero tariffs and completely free trade regarding its imports.

China Is Only Hurting Themselves

As Walter Williams put it, if you’re out in a rowboat with someone who shoots a hole in his end of the boat, you’re not helping yourself by shooting another hole in your end.

Well, the same goes for the Chinese. To the extent they are doing the things they are accused of by Washington, they are

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