Hysterics Aside, Vaping Is the Safest Quit-Smoking Aid on the Market

In the absence of evidence or reason, fear is a truly dangerous thing. Amid reports that more than 300 vapers have fallen seriously ill in recent months, the media and public health lobby promptly proclaimed an epidemic and raised the alarm on e-cigarettes.

In this fog of fear and confusion, many vapers were scared into quitting despite ample evidence of the public health benefits of e-cigarettes. Some even took up smoking again. Adding to this hysteria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people stop vaping.

Are E-Cigarettes Really Dangerous?

According to the best available evidence, e-cigarettes are significantly safer than ordinary cigarettes, and the truly dangerous products are illegally sold and contaminated “street vapes.” Further, vapes are far safer than any other smoking cessation tool on the market. Reporters should cover all relevant risks of all relevant products, rather than unfairly singling out one.

Fortunately, the “lung disease” hysteria is finally starting to die down. In almost every instance, the persons affected inhaled black-market THC (the psychotropic component of marijuana) in turn laced with contaminants. It appears that vitamin E acetate, a thickening agent used in some bootleg THC vape cartridges, was responsible for the myriad medical issues.

The fact is virtually every drug or product known to man has side effects.

Because of exorbitant taxation imposed on legitimate e-cigarettes in many states, smokers are turning to the black market and falling ill due to contaminated products. Reporters and pundits have finally begun to correct the record and clarify that legal vapes are not the issue, although significant damage to public health has already been done.

But the scare highlights a disturbing tendency among health reporters unlikely to go away anytime soon. Even if there were some underlying health risks connected to vaping, it would still pale in comparison to the risks of any other smoking cessation tool. If every single one of these lung infections were caused by e-cigarettes (again, far from true), vaping would still be over 1,000 times safer than other quit-smoking aids the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sanctions.


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