Who Precisely Are ‘the Vulnerable’?

Some readers, both male and female, wondered why I came to the defense of feminist Laura Tanner. Why not, I was asked, let a MeTwo babe experience the name-calling and stress that feminists dish out to men and “women apologists for men”?

Justice is part of the answer. Another part of the answer is that “Western civilization” is creating new victim groups so rapidly that older victim groups are becoming victims of the new. The Tanner case is a case in which a feminist “victim” of male misogyny hasn’t the clout of a transgender advocate. It is not clear whether Tanner’s persecutor, Kremina Youssef, is a transgender or just an advocate for transgender “victims.”

Regardless, it is Laura whose career is on the line for expressing an opinion, not the career of Kremina for expressing her opinion.

The older terms “privileged minority” and “preferred minority” are giving way to “vulnerable minority.” The older terms had an honesty whereas the “vulnerable” designation resides in a lie.

Those who are said to be “vulnerable” actually have all the power. Tanner, who expressed her opinion outside the university that it is not possible to be born into the wrong body and, therefore, a person in a male body is a male, has discovered that her free speech rights are null and void because Youssef is distressed. It is Tanner, not Youssef, who is vulnerable.

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