Are We Really Free?

The Free Society, by Laurence M. Vance: Orlando, Vance Publications, 2018, 468 pages, paperback.

Americans often boast that they live in a free country. Our national anthem says we live in the “land of the free,” and another popular patriotic song contains the line, “at least I know I’m free.”

But how free are we really? According to conservative Christian libertarian writer Laurence M. Vance in his latest book, The Free Society, Americans live in a “relatively free” society. As Vance notes in the summary of the book on the back cover,

Most Americans think they live in a free society. They think that because they can find fifty varieties of salad dressing at the grocery store, choose from among a hundred types of wine at the liquor store, select a television channel from over 1,000 choices, download any movie or song they want from the Internet, and sit at home for hours playing the latest video game that they live in a free society. They are oblivious to the extent of government encroachment on their freedoms. They are complacent when it comes to government edicts. And they are ignorant as to what a free society really means.

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Laurence M. Vance
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So what, then, is a “free society”? In his typical clear, detailed manner, Vance explains this in The Free Society.

The Free Society is a

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