Woman Who Got in the Wrong Uber Thought She Was Being Sex-Trafficked. She Wasn’t.

UberNatee Meepian / DreamstimeA woman leaving the Tampa Internartional Airport on Monday got into the wrong Uber. For some reason, she thought she was being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

She wasn’t.

Later, the woman penned this harrowing Facebook post about the incident, which has been shared half a million times. She wrote:

Last night I was picked up by an Uber. Same car, female driver. I MADE A MISTAKE. I got in before checking, as she opened the back door for me from her seat. She drove erratically and didn’t speak. About 10 minutes in, my actual Uber called me asking where I was. My voice cracked, because in that instant I knew. “A car… I think I need help.” She told me not to hang up and to get out of the car however I possibly could. The lady refused to stop or respond to me. I told her she was driving by my friends (random girls I saw) and they would call the cops. She slowed a little, pointing at her phone saying “Uber. I take you back then.” I said, no here is fine. She kept going. I booked it out the door, car still moving. She sped off.

I later was told by numerous people she is a sex traffic worker. They use women to lure people in, and possibly hang out in the Uber lot to steal rides of similar looking cars. The cops didn’t come, but my real Uber driver did Cristin Cinquino, and hugged me, kept me safe, and cried with me. Always, always check your Uber. I’m lucky.

Actually, she was unlucky. She got in the wrong Uber and it proceeded to take her in the wrong direction. But as the Orlando Sentinel soon reported:

Tampa police, however, say it was all a misunderstanding. Hurley’s ride wasn’t a kidnapping situation, and the driver wasn’t a sex-trafficking victim, police said.

Instead, Tampa police spokesman Eddy Durkin said, the woman

You can read the rest of this article at: https://reason.com/blog/2019/02/21/woman-wrong-uber-sex-trafficking