The Totalitarian Pipe Dream

“[S]ocialism . . . is . . . the society that must emerge if humanity is to cope with . . . the ecological burden that economic growth is placing on the environment.”

-Robert Heilbroner, “After Communism,” The New Yorker, Sept. 10, 1990

“Voluntary approaches are not sufficient.”

– Green Party Platform

In a recent article at economist Robert Murphy reported on an interview with a global warming alarmist that was published at and concluded that: “For climate interventionists, new taxes are only the beginning.”  Murphy was alluding to the belief by some that the global warming hysterics will be satisfied with extortionate-level “carbon taxes” to deter energy use.  Not so, says Murphy:  “Every aspect of our lives, from our cars to our meals to our family sizes, affects global emissions – and therefore the interventionists want every tool at their disposal to control others.”

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Murphy writes about a climate interventionist’s mention of such things as more stringent corporate average fuel economy standards, building codes, “alternative” energy sources, etc., but there is much more on the agenda of the environmental “watermelons” – green on the outside, red on the inside.  One source of information about the real watermelon agenda is the Green Party Platform, much of which sounds identical to the rhetoric on the Web site of Democratic Socialists of

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