Prof. Dershowitz Responds:

In hindsight, I likewise am unimpressed with the Starr investigation, though the whitewater affair had some meat to it.

Manafort prosecution likely has some merit, though the publicly discussed details are insufficient to provide any basis to reach an opinion on the merits of the of the prosecution. As a side note, as a CPA, I have testified as an expert witness in a tax fraud case. My observation in that case was the DOJ attorneys had a very poor grasp of tax law, though that could have been the exception.

The other Mueller prosecutions have all been process crimes which can be quasi characterized as a variation of entrapment.

One obvious source of the Russian interference stems for the dossier and the clinton campaign efforts. Yet, the Mueller investigation seems to be ignoring this most obvious red flag.

Lastly, if this was an investigation into Russian influence – Why is Muellers team consist almost entirely of lawyers instead of forensic investigators or other type investigators with expertise in this area.

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