Why Does Federal Power Constantly Expand?

We often hear people on both sides of the political aisle complaining about the expansion of federal power. And yet, federal power constantly expands.


If everybody is worried about federal encroachment and overreach, why doesn’t anybody do anything to stop it? Why don’t more people insist on strict adherence to constitutional limits on federal authority?

French philosopher and political economist Bertrand de Jouvenel offers some insight into the reason governmental power generally tends to expand in a democratic political system that helps explain the constant growth of federal authority in the United States.

As de Jouvenel explains, power in modern political systems wraps itself in a sort of smoke screen.

“Formerly it could be seen, manifest in the person of the king, who did not disclaim being the master he was, and in whom human passions were discernible. Now, masked in anonymity, it claims to have no existence of its own, and to be but the impersonal and passionless instrument of the general will.”

Of course, this is nonsense. Government still holds and wields all of the power and acts on the general population with virtual impunity. Politicians gain and hold power through a democratic process, and sell themselves as representatives of the people. But in fact, they often act against the people they supposedly represent. For example, the vast majority of Americans don’t want the government to spy on them. And yet, the feds operate spy programs they capture virtually all of their emails, phone calls and internet activity.

de Jouvenel observed that as always, power remains in the hands of a group of men who control the power house. It’s functionally no different than a monarchy – there are just more hands and a political system that makes the people feel they have some level of control. In truth, they wield very little actual control over the process.

“All that has changed is that it has now been made easy for the ruled to change the

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