How to Build a Career: A LibertyCon Resource List

The following was written by Derek Magill, Marketing Director at Praxis

I spoke this past weekend at LibertyCon in Prague to students from all over Europe about how they can start building their career now instead of waiting until they graduate.

The main points were:

  1. Your college degree will not guarantee you a job. You need real skills and experiences.
  2. When employers say they require college degrees, they really mean they require people who can create more value than they take out in salary. Once you realize this, it’s your job to show them that.
  3. The best way to show an employer you’re valuable is not a resume and not a college course list — you need a value proposition. You need to identify what you can work on for the company that will add value and present that to them.

The question and answer period ended with dozens of people still raising their hands and so I wanted to put together a list of resources for talk attendees as well as students within the ESFL/SFL network who are interested in learning more.

Whether you want to work at a startup, a traditional corporation, as a freelancer, or at a non profit organization, you’ll find something here for you.

Pursuing an Alternative to College

How to Get a Job or Build a Career