Round Rock Night before Christmas 2014 (or, The Truth about Our Favorite Public Library Customer)

‘Tis Christmas Eve
night, and Round Rock’s slumber-bound,
In the mood for a
holiday story profound.

We desire an account of
Saint Nick’s successes
With gifts all conveyed
before dawn coalesces.

But what if, instead,
this page shared revelations
Concerning the hero of
our expectations?

For Santa’s not perfect:
he’s prone to distraction.
His helpers must
frequently re-direct action.

It now can be told that
the elves micromanage—
But kindly and always to
Santa’s advantage.

For starters, they have
to hide Santa’s e-reader
Beneath a tall,
festively-trimmed North Pole cedar.  

They’ve learned that
their leader’s delivery pace quickens
When he yearns to get
back to John Grisham or Dickens.

The elves also know that
attractions in Round Rock
Represent, for tight
schedules, a stumbling block.

When the windows of
ArtSpace or sculpture displays
Snag Santa’s attention,
they drag him away.

Ditto for the fabulous
Rock’N Lights drive,
Of which (most
regrettably) Santa’s deprived.

On the other hand, Santa
applies to his mission
Perceptions ascribed to
a master tactician.

Supplying his sleigh
with an awesome sufficiency,
He briskly embodies a
modern efficiency.

His app-laden phone can
pinpoint chimney mounts,
And the cookie-and-milk
tracker calories counts.

GPS-guided reindeer
precisely chart courses,
So you’d think all
things digital Santa endorses.

Well, you’d be mostly
right (though no techie device
Has proven to properly
check his lists twice).

No, Santa’s a type both
admired and exemplary:
Respecting tradition and
21st century.

And that is
what–library staffers exclaim–
Endears him to us even
more than his fame.  

Like Santa, we offer a
new-and-old fusion,
So customers’ smiles are
a foregone conclusion.

With our databases,
classics, and fiction debuts,
We even helped Santa
check product reviews.

He never would outsource
the checking of lists
But is glad when the
library lends an assist

With elf-pleasing story
, demographics, and guidance
On suppliers of toys and
requested appliances.

We pretend that we don’t
comprehend his ID,
Detect his disguise and
his purpose foresee.

He’s a library patron
adored and ambitious
So on Christmas Eve weYou can read the rest of this article at: