Does Your State Honor Open Carry?

Terry Holcomb Sr. is more than just a pastor from Huntsville, Texas. He’s also a proud gun owner and active Second Amendment advocate.

Over the past week, Holcomb has been carrying a loaded Bushmaster AR-15 around town, stopping into stores and businesses as a way to bring awareness to the state’s open carry laws, which prohibit one from carrying a handgun out in the open, but allow one to openly carry a long gun.

For one to carry a handgun, he/she has toobtain a concealed carry permit, which involves paying fees, passing a background check and successfully completing a 10-hour firearms safety training course.

Holcomb firmly believes that Texans should be free to carry firearms in the manner that they see fit.

“Whether it be opened or concealed we just want to be able to choose how we carry,” Holcomb toldKHOU 11 News. “We believe that’s our constitutional right.”

Thus far, his style of advocacy has been both embraced and shunned by local businesses.

During a trip to Walmart, Holcomb was confronted by a store manager who politely asked that he leave the premises.  Holcomb agreed to exit the department chain and said that he had no problem with that request.

“Well, the Walmart in Huntsville definitely doesn’t honor Second Amendment rights,” he said in a video that his son recorded while the two were in the store.

“And that is their absolute right,” Holcomb told KHOU 11 News, a week after he posted the videos. “I respect their right just as much as I want them to respect mine.”

Note: State by State Gun Laws

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