Attorneys hired in APD shooting death

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Detective Charles Kleinert has been asked to give a formal interview to Austin Police Department Internal Affairs about last week’s shooting that killed Larry Jackson, Jr.

Jackson was shot in the back of the neck on Friday after being chased on foot by Kleinert and an eventual struggle underneath the Shoal Creek bridge.

Police believe the confrontation between the two began when Jackson attempted to commit bank fraud at the same bank where Kleinert was investigating a bank robbery.

During the on-scene investigation, Kleinert gave his account of what happened but the formal interview will be part of Internal Affairs investigation into the use of deadly force.

Attorney Nadia Stewart has been hired to represent Kleinert whom could be subject to two different investigations. The Internal Affairs investigation will examine whether or not the use of deadly force was justified within the policies of APD and a Special Investigative Unit will investigate the potential for criminal charges against Kleinert.

Kleinert is not required to talk to the SIU and statements made to Internal Affairs will not be made available for the criminal investigation, a protection provided under “Garrity Rights.”

Loewy hired by Jackson Family

Jackson’s parents have hired attorney Adam Loewy to represent their family in any future legal proceedings regarding the shooting.

Loewy said they would wait until after Jackson’s funeral on Saturday to conduct their own investigation into the shooting.

“In all the other police shootings, we’ve heard a narrative; that the officer felt in danger for his life. We have not heard that here,” Loewy told KXAN Wednesday, “My clients are about to burry their son this weekend, and they still have no answers.”

APD officer involved shootings are familiar cases for Loewy. He also represented the families of Nathaniel Sanders and Byron Carter in their respective cases against the police department.

Detective Training

Even though APD detectives are not asked to respond to police calls, they do receive the training required to do so.

“They are required to do annual qualifications with their weapon and any other new training officers have to go through,”

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