Ron Paul Delegate Roundup: His Massachusetts People Lose, His Louisiana Fight Goes to Round Two

Despite the massive coronation for Romney/Ryan being planned for
the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, Ron Paul
forces continue to fight for their representation. But they aren’t
winning many fights.

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

In Massachusetts, where a bunch of Ron Paul delegates were
booted from their seats for (mostly, it’s complicated, see my
earlier accounts
from July
) refusing to sign affidavits swearing they’d vote for
Romney, the Boston Globe is reporting that the Paul
bid to be re-seated has failed

And in Louisiana, where the state party sent a disputed group of
non-Paul delegates to Tampa, the Paul campaign is trying a second
round of complaints with the RNC to challenge the state’s choice
after their
first try
CNN with the nitty-gritty

In the days leading up to the Republican Party of Louisiana’s
state convention in June, an affidavit and supplemental rules were
distributed to participants. The affidavit required the signature
of delegates selected to go to the national convention to vote for
the candidate they were bound to by the State Central

Paul’s supporters refused to sign the affidavit because it gave
the power to the state executive committee to replace unallocated

Instead, they had their own vote at the state convention in
protest of the party’s rules.

“The affidavit and supplemental rules systemically changed the
way that Louisiana elected National Delegates,” [Charlie] Davis
[chair of the Louisiana Ron Paul campaign] wrote in the memo [sent
to the RNC]. “Both documents are clear violations of the national
requirement that all rules must have been submitted to the RNC last
October 1.”

Jason Doré, executive director of the state party, said the
campaign was aware the affidavit and rules were coming and that
draft versions were sent in the days leading up to the state

The Paul campaign is requesting contestants and respondents be
given time to cross-examine those who filed an affidavit. It is
also requesting electronic communication between the RNC and
Louisiana Republican Party staffs –

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