“Gun Ownership Goes Up, Crime Goes Down”

The only issue I have with this is that it seems the AAP is
basing this on the small benefit that circumscription gives in
lowering the transmission of STDs.

To which my counter is, and always will remain… why not just
wear a fucking condom? Seriously, do we consider men that

Anyway, circumcise, don’t… whatever. It would appear that the
trend has been swinging away from it, as I think we are now to
50/50 nation, whereas I think at one time it was about 80/20.
Personally, if it isn’t to comply with your religion, its a
basically unnecessary medical procedure with a marginal health
benefit, and if your that concerned, then just teach your son to
wear a fucking condom as he should be doing that shit anyway. Wrap
it before you tap it.

Plus, you save a shit ton on lube uncut, so there is that. But
again, the decision is yours. Just don’t try to justify it by,
“GIRLS WILL THINK ITS WEIRD!” because, honestly, not really going
to be a problem given statistical trends. Now, if its because you
want your kids dick to look like yours… well, more power to
you… but, that reasoning always did sound weird to me. But, as I
said, I may have my own personal beliefs here, but its your kid, so
I ain’t going to intervene as long as you don’t go from cutting off
some skin to lopping the whole fucking head off.

You can read the rest of this article at: http://reason.com/reasontv/2012/08/25/gun-ownership-goes-up-crime-goes-down