Did the GOP Pick Tampa Because of the Strippers? And Did Romney Pick Ryan Because of His Hard-Bod?

So the Republicans are heading to Tampa to whoop it up at their
“Yes We Did Too Build It Ourselves” convention.

Florida in late August? Goodness gracious, it’s not about the
heat, or the humidity – it’s about the nudity!

There’s a reason that Tampa was the backdrop for Magic
, the hard bodied hit movie of the summer: The
city is packed ass-cheek to jowl with strip clubs catering to every
customer niche. That’s capitalism at its finest and something the
GOP pretends to understand.

The moist evening air in the lightning capital of America
ripples with anticipation the way that the chins of convention
speakers such as Governor Chris Christie do at snack time.

Is it just a coincidence that the Mitt Romney picked Congressman
Paul Ryan for his running mate?


Ryan is a highly public practitioner of the P90X “insanity”
workout and is reported to have washboard abs that the ladies dream
of taking out for a spin cycle or two.

Ryan famously wears his suits
David Byrne style
– two or three sizes too big – but as anyone
who saw Magic Mike can tell you, oversized
clothes just make the stripper-reveal that much sexier.

Local strip club owners aren’t expected the GOP base to flood
the red-light zones like Super Bowl attendees have in the past. One
of them told the press, “The
Mitt Romneys aren’t going to go into adult entertainment clubs”

and another opined,
“I don’t think those people are coming to party

But maybe the top – and bottom – of the GOP ticket ought to skip
the boring speeches and funny hats at the convention center and
instead check out the fleshpots of Tampa.

And Mitt Romney could get to know the non-unionized independent
contractors who work hard for their money and have overcome more
than a few bumps and grinds to inject life into an economy that’s
limper than Liberace at a speculum convention.

Strippers, like the rest of us, built their business the
old-fashioned way: They earned it. 

And a loosened-up GOP that showed some kinship – or is that
skinship? – with real working men

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