Why Was William Reddie So Agitated?

A Michigan
prosecutor recently
that Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputy John Klepadlo
was justified in using deadly force to stop a man who lunged at him
with a knife. Although a state police investigator wanted to charge
Klepadlo in connection with the February 3 shooting in Grayling,
Roscommon County Prosecutor Mark Jernigan, whom the Michigan
Attorney General’s Office asked to review the case,
Klepadlo responded appropriately to a potentially lethal

The deceased was in possession of an edged weapon. The deceased
pulled a knife and hid it behind his back. At the point where he
pulls his hand forward and lunges at the officer, he is in such
close proximity, and presents a clear danger of deadly force, the
officer is left with no option other than to use deadly force to
protect himself, the other officer and the three civilians that
were present. The use of deadly force is completely justified, and
therefore the homicide was justified.

Sounds reasonable, until you learn the circumstances of the
shooting, which make it seem not quite so justified. “The
deceased,” William Reddie, drew the weapon, a four-inch
pocketknife, because Klepadlo had come to his apartment, along with
a city police officer and two employees of Children’s
Protective Services, to “remove” his 3-year-old son, Cameron. The
Petoskey News

Lead [Michigan State Police] investigator Detective Sgt. Rick
Sekely said events leading up to the shooting and attempts to
remove the son from the residence began earlier in the day when
officers went to Reddie’s apartment in response to a possible
domestic disturbance.

Upon arriving at the scene and making contact with Reddie,
officers indicated Reddie was on the phone in what seemed to be a
heated argument with a woman. Reports indicate Reddie appeared
agitated, and when officers stated they could smell the odor of
marijuana in the apartment, Sekely said Reddie admitted to having
smoked marijuana that morning. While at the residence, officers
indicated they observed a minor child at the apartment. 

Sekely said officers, following protocol, contacted protective
services to report

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