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Both at home and abroad, critics have argued that Hollywood’s vision of an Internet — one where it is empowered to hunt down violators — cares far more about protecting copyright than it does about protecting the public’s ability to freely associate and communicate online. But as unsettling as that might sound to those of us in the United States, it can be downright terrifying in places where fears of totalitarianism and surveillance are fresh and real.” – Nancy Scola for Salon.  Read the full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

SOPA/PIPA [Internet Regulation]:

Salon – Protest drags down Europe’s SOPA

IT World – SOPA replacement uses child porn as excuse to spy on 99.7 percent of Americans

PC World – Feds Yank Another Site — Even Without SOPA

TSA Travel Freedom:

Huffington Post – Who’s More Dangerous: Terrorists Or The TSA?

New York Times – For a ‘Select’ Few, Shoes Can Stay On

Police State:

CBS News – NYPD Under Fire for Monitoring Muslim Students

CNN – Woman Shot With Taser Now Brain Dead

AP – NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast

School Choice:

Big Government – President Obama Seeks to End D.C. Voucher Program-Again

CBS News – SoCal Parents May Succeed in School Takeover

Affirmative Action:

LA Times – Supreme Court: Will Hear Affirmative Action Case

Foreign Policy


The Guardian – Iran raises tension by threatening pre-emptive action

The New York Times – Iran Warns of Pre-Emptive Action in Nuclear Dispute


Federal Reserve:

Kansas City Star – KC Fed President Sees ‘Risk at Zero Interest Rates’


Bloomberg – Geithner Bond Returns Trial Paulson, Beat Rubin

The Daily Caller – White House Economic Report Hides Sharp Drop in Number of Working Americans


AP – For boomers, it’s a new era of ‘work til you drop’



Forbes – Congenital American Impatience Points to Obamacare’s Failure

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