Charity for the Homeless Refuses Federal Aid, Gets Hundreds Back on Their Feet

  VISTA, CALIF.—Growing up, Teena Faison never imagined she’d find herself a single mom and homeless. “We didn’t wake up one day and go, ‘Hey, I just want to be homeless with my kids,’” she told The Daily Signal “No.

The States Should Decide Who Gets a Visa

President Trump said that he wants a merit-based immigration system that “nations around the world, like Canada, Australia, and many others have.”  The good news for the president, then, is that there’s a bill he could get behind to create just such

Protectionism Exploits Us All

The following is from Adam Smith writing in his 1776 economic classic An Inquiry in the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Chapter 3, titled “On the extraordinary Restraints upon the Importation of Goods of almost all kinds from

4th Circuit Exaggerates the Ambiguous Evidence Against Trump’s Travel Ban

White HouseYesterday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction against President Trump’s revised travel ban, concluding that the facially neutral executive order probably amounts to an unconstitutional “establishment of religion” because it was motivated