Arguments for Free Trade and for Freedom

Selections from a recent AMA with Don Boudreaux, Professor at George Mason, Getchell Chair at the Mercatus Center and author.  Q: How can we spread the idea that capitalism has been the driving force of human progress in a way that resonates

Libertarian Neocons

Reason has gone full-blown neocon.  Recently I commented on a call to war with Russia by Cathy Young, published at  Now it is another piece at Reason, written by Steve Chapman and entitled “Trump Forces a GOP Retreat On Russia.”  Chapman doesn’t consider the so-called retreat to be

Kowtowing to the Military

The neo-cons in Canada are all a-twitter that their government is going to give Omar Khadr some $10 million in damages in payment for the suffering he underwent as a Guantanamo Bay prisoner. The then 15 year old boy was

Lock Them Up!

APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA APPIP ERROR:nodata[ (0) NO DATA We frequently hear people say they have nothing to hide—-so surrendering privacy and constitutional rights to the Surveillance State may not be such a big