Brickbat: Now, Who Was Misbehaving?

Reason Roundup Is Bloomberg vs. Sanders (vs. Trump) the 2020 Nightmare Scenario? Plus: Virginia’s assault weapon ban gets shot down, Trump’s tariffs face new legal scrutiny, and why you don’t want Amy Klobuchar on your bar trivia team Eric Boehm

Ep.  1593 Defending the Undefendable: A Libertarian Defense of Despised People

Today we discuss Walter’s classic work, Defending the Undefendable. The rogues gallery Walter seeks to rehabilitate in this episode includes the middleman, the slumlord, the speculator, and more. Sponsor Skillshare is an online learning community with over 21,000 classes in

Wiretapping the Pope

In breaking news from 1995, the Washington Post takes advantage of a leaked CIA history paper to retell the remarkable tale (first published in the mid-90s) of Crypto AG, a purveyor of encryption products to dozens of governments – and

"1917" Urges Us to Reject the Inevitability of War

When I think about British soldiers during the First World War, I often imagine the conversations that must have taken place as they were being called upon to defend their traditional enemy, the French. “Well, you see,” a former army