Pre-Internet Laws Are Jeopardizing Today’s Electronic Privacy

In a way, it’s even worse than a scandal over the NSA’s collection of metadata. Today, as incredible as it might seem, it is still legal for the federal government to read your emails without the pesky hassle of asking

This Vigorous Defense of Corporations Stands the Test of Time

There has been a lot of antagonism towards corporations. Surprisingly, not all of it from the left. I’ve come across a fair number of Facebook posts and articles from purported libertarians condemning the corporation as a creation of the state,

The Nuclear Button

William Binney is the former National Security Agency (NSA) official who created NSA’s mass surveillance program for digital information. He says that if the Russian government had conspired with Trump, hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computer, or in any way

Love the Reformation

I hate self-deluded experts who won’t make an effort…. I offer the following exchange, with some additional color thrown in by yours truly: a ware November 17, 2017 at 3:31 PM I resisted commenting but here goes. You should have