America’s Plunge from Republic to Empire

Wendy McElroy, Future of Freedom Foundation It is difficult to pinpoint the moment at which America crossed from Republic into Empire but guidelines exist for doing so. In his treatise Rise of Empire (1952), the libertarian journalist Garet Garrett declared

Nuclear Power Subsidies Adopted by Illinois State Government

Herbert Kehrer/NewscomWhat source of power provides no-carbon on-demand electricity? Well, yes, hydropower dams do, but the vast majority of no-carbon power in the United States is generated by nuclear power plants. So for folks worried about man-made global warming caused

My Kid Packs Heat: I taught my 10-year-old to shoot a gun. You should too. (New at Reason)

Photo by J.D. Tuccille“There is no greater joy than seeing the wide-eyed look of wonder in a child’s face the first time he’s successfully shredded a target with a full magazine of hot lead death from a rifle.” That’s J.D.

On the Lord’s Day, Watch Matt Welch and Katherine Mangu-Ward on MSNBC, Then Donate to Reason!

GiphyFrom November 29 to December 6, we are asking Reason readers to give tax-deductible support for our annual Webathon, with the audacious goal of raising $250,000, or around $4,000 more than we did in 2015. We do this not just