Elivs’s Own Personal Drug War

When Elvis Presley died in 1977 from drug abuse, he was an official, badge-carrying federal agent for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, an honorary appointment granted by President Richard Nixon. To say that Elvis Presley had a respect

Week in Review: September 23, 2017

Almost a decade later, the Federal Reserve this week announced it will begin reversing quantitative easing. Slowly. Very slowly. The balance sheet currently stands at $4.5 trillion and they will begin allowing $10 billion in assets to roll off their

What Donald Glover’s Dual Emmy Win Proves about Black Entertainment

Last Sunday night, celebrities and industry leaders of entertainment television were honored for their creative contributions at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Amongst the winners was Donald Glover, who was twice awarded for his FX original series ‘Atlanta’. He

ICOs Will Not Be Defeated

Absolutely nothing–no amount of regulation, no number of belligerent articles, no plethora of hectoring denunciations by big shots–is going to stop ICOs from completely disrupting the way companies raise funding in the future. The crypto market has been too wonderfully