Trump Delays Order To Declassify

President Donald Trump has delayed his order to declassify documents related the the FBI’s surveillance of former campaign adviser Carter Page, and asked the Department of Justice to review the documents first. Trump said on Friday that he met with

Government Boycotts Based on Companies’ (and Their Employees’) Speech

Prof. Adam Scales writes, in response to my argument about why the First Amendment bars governments from discriminating against Nike based on Nike’s having Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman: I have some doubt that Nike’s hiring of Kapernick should be

Florida Lawmakers Deaf to the Needs of Hearing Aid Users

It wouldn’t make much sense to require employees at Best Buy to understand the inner workings of vacuum tubes. Or to mandate that Apple Store staffers be fluent in the ancient language of telephone switchboards. Yet Florida says “hearing aid

Debate: Corporate Data Collection Poses a Threat to Personal Freedom

J.D. Tuccille Joanna AndreassonIf I forget where I’ve been shopping online, I can just head over to Facebook. Ads on the social networking site will quickly remind me what I’ve been browsing, and perhaps even offer a coupon code to