Brickbat: In Plain Sight

Jason Kolenda / Dreamstime.comA Baton Rouge police officer is under investigation after getting caught on body camera video saying she could search a vehicle without probable cause and say anything she found was in plain sight. When Robin Ducote said

How We Lost Privacy

The Known Citizen: A History of Privacy in Modern America, by Sarah E. Igo, Harvard University Press, 540 pages, $35 Harvard University PressA couple of years ago, I went to dinner at the Seattle Space Needle. To my surprise—I was

An Unconstitutional “Gun to the Head”

Withholding federal highway funds from the state of California over its so-called “sanctuary state” policies would violate the Constitution and modern Supreme Court precedent. In conservative circles it has become increasingly popular of late to call on Pres. Trump to

Jesus Wants Me to Break the Law

Early Christians understood that to proclaim Jesus is Lord and that their citizenship is in Heaven was to make a political statement: Caesar is not lord (or in today’s lingo, #NotMyCaesar). It was a pronouncement that the laws and customs