Plato’s Command-and-Control Utopia

For Plato (428 B.C. – 348 B.C.), the origin of society is found in the inability of men to be self-sufficient; they lack the ability to serve all their own needs through their own labor. Each man possesses certain inherent

Immigrants Make Silicon Valley Great

I am increasingly struck, and concerned, by the contrast between the portrayal of immigration on the news (often framed as “how dangerous is it?”) and my lived experience in Silicon Valley, where seamless interactions with first- and second-generation immigrants from around

13 Ways to Become a Fanatic for FEE

It used to be that institutions would open a website and call it a day. As the years went on, those websites became content delivery systems, even portals to the main productive engine of the institution. Today, digital technology has

This Basic Grammar Quiz

The proper use of ‘too, to and two’ and ‘they’re, their and there’ are just some of the grammatical rules drummed into us from a very young age. And yet, in a world where LOL and BRB are as commonplace