Malia, Michelle, Barack

What shocked even the old timers in my hometown was that Mayor Hugh Addonizio, the man who gave me my Eagle Scout Award, would accept kickbacks in cash right across his desk. They were troubled less by his criminality —

Regime Change Means Drenching Venezuela in Blood

Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a “constraint” on US policy toward the country. The wording seemed intended to convey the idea that the US

LCI Hot Takes: Levels of Liberty

LCI posts articles representing a broad range of views from authors who identify as both Christian and libertarian. Of course, not everyone will agree with every article, and not every article represents an official position from LCI. Please direct any

Brickbat: See You Next Trip?

I will help out their tourism efforts. Should YOU visit the NT? It’s: Pleasant, Unforgettable, Sunny—So Yes!! You can read the rest of this article at: