Are Spock and Kirk Libertarians?

Is Star Trek libertarian? The answer is “no.” Star Trek embraces full-bore socialism. It’s hard to generalize about a franchise that has run for fifty years, spanning dozens of TV episodes and movies. There is much for libertarians (and non-libertarians)

How Immigration Restrictions Are like Occupational Licensing

Conservatives across the country, from—Michigan to Arizona—are challenging burdensome occupational licenses. “Insiders use the false cover of consumer protection to get laws enacted that keep out new competitors,” Minnesota Republican state Senator Chris Gerlach recently said, explaining his reform bill. Visa restrictions are

The New Revanchism: The Theme of Politics Today

The vast gulf that separates politics from real life seems to be growing. What strikes you most about the world today is precisely how little confidence people have in political solutions. If you listen to the leading politicians talk these

The UN Is a US Subsidiary

On July 12th, 2016 the UN arbitration decision against China’s claim of territorial islands based on “historical rights” ruled in favor of the Philippines, serving as the latest international war machine’s ratcheting up imminent all-out war. The Rockefeller financed United