Marijuana: An Unbanked Industry

Marijuana is big business in the 29 states that have legalized medical cannabis and in several more that have legalized recreational use. However, the federal prohibition on marijuana prevents banks from serving legitimate marijuana clients—resulting in billions of dollars of

Costly Crops: Opportunities to Reform the Farm Bill

Congress is considering a major farm bill this year to extend the current multi-billion-dollar array of subsidies. The last farm bill—in 2014—created two new crop subsidy programs that have cost more than promised. Meanwhile, the crop insurance program has soared

9 Farm Subsidy Myths Pushed by Special Interest Groups

Agricultural special interests try to make it sound as though touching even one farm subsidy—regardless of how unreasonable the subsidy is—will be the end of agriculture as we know it. Using scare tactics, they will assert wild claims without any

California (Hopefully) Learns a Lesson about Marijuana Taxes and the Laffer Curve

I wanted California to decriminalize marijuana because I believe in freedom. Smoking pot may not be a wise choice in many cases, but it’s not the role of government to dictate private behavior so long as people aren’t violating the rights of others.