You’ve Got It All Wrong

It’s precisely BECAUSE Donald Trump has been a bit impulsive, a bit demeaning, sometimes inaccurate, and an alleged misogynist, but has still managed to rattle the cage of those who buy favors from government and threatens the reign of what

Dick Heller endorses DC Libertarian candidate

Washington, DC — 2016 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Delegate for the District of Columbia and long-time community activist Martin Moulton secured the endorsement of Dick Heller, successful plaintiff in a landmark case (District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008) in which

Texas LP candidate endorsed by the Star-Telegram and in debate on October 22

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Is the God of the Bible a Tyrant?

Does the Bible reveal a capricious, tyrannical God? Of course not, says Robert Murphy. On the contrary, we encounter God through Christ who demonstrates his steadfast love for us all. Listen in to this talk from the Christians For Liberty