Ron Paul Classic: War on Opioids and Doctors or War on Patients?

Mr. Speaker, the publicity surrounding popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s legal troubles relating to his use of the pain killer OxyContin will hopefully focus public attention on how the federal War on Drugs threatens the effective treatment of

Obama’s Revealing Confession about the Pacific Trade Deal

Earlier this afternoon I heard a report on WTOP radio about Pres. Obama’s visit to Germany. The report featured a clip of Obama explaining to his German hosts why the United States government has yet to approve U.S.-government participation in

Is Banning Low-Wage Jobs the Best Way to Raise Incomes?

Minimum wage laws are much in the news these days. New York, California and various US cities have recently enacted legislation to raise minimum wage requirements to $15 an hour. In this context it is especially worthwhile to revisit the

Why Do We Believe These Pathological Liars?

How do you feel when someone lies to you? It probably depends on who is doing the lying. A stranger’s fabrications may not phase you, but dishonesty from a friend or lover can end the relationship. The more you feel