The Framers Did Not Know From 3D-Printed Guns. So How Can They Be Covered by the Second Amendment?

WikipediaSteve Israel, who tried to restrict 3D-printed guns when he was a congressman, is not happy that the Justice Department has abandoned efforts to censor the software required to produce such weapons. In a New York Times op-ed piece, Israel

The Latest Target of the Trump Administration’s Anti-Immigration Jihad: Naturalized Americans

The Trump administration’s unquenchable thirst to slam immigrants—unauthorized but also, as I wrote recently, authorized—danita delimont photographynewscomhas now taken an even more ominous turn. It is training its sights on a group largely considered sacrosanct: naturalized citizens. It is reviving

Slavery Did Not Make America Rich

In his second inaugural, Abraham Lincoln declared that “if God wills that [the Civil War] continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk…as was said 3,000 years ago, so still it

Haz de la libertad algo positivo

  Levi Gourdie Artículo publicado originalmente en Brasil con el título Faça da liberdade algo positivo. Traducido al español por Agustín Bernabe Navarro miembro del Equipo de Traductores de Estudiantes por la Libertad Latinoamérica y Coordinador Local de Estudiantes