All the Top Democrats Running for President Favor Legalizing Marijuana

“Marijuana legalization,” declared a Vox headline last month, “is winning the 2020 Democratic primaries.” A quick scan of the field indeed shows how far we’ve come since even 2011, when “Choom gang” alum Barack Obama was still cracking down on

The Future of Marijuana Expungements is Automation

Everyone loves to hate algorithms. Companies mine your data to sell you more dumb tchotchkes. Governments use them to develop secretive and dystopian-sounding “predictive policing” tools. But in one corner of the country, algorithms are being used to erase the

CBD Is Still Banned in States With Legal Weed

As more states legalize recreational marijuana use, another part of the cannabis plant has found a market niche. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a molecule that can be derived from hemp or cannabis.  It doesn’t contain THC, so it won’t

Por que o Regime de Capitalização da Previdência é melhor?

Por que o Regime de Capitalização da Previdência é melhor? Ivanildo Santos Terceiro e Demetrius Oliveira | 20 de abril, 2019  Um dos pontos mais polêmicos da Reforma da Previdência é a possibilidade de mudarmos o regime em que ela é operada.