Voters Welcome at Williamson County Libertarian Conventions on March 11 & 15

Williamson County Libertarians will be holding their precinct and county conventions on March 11th and 15th respectively to nominate candidates for the November general election. All voters who reside in Williamson County are eligible to vote in the conventions. “Over 18,000 Williamson County

Did the US Bomb Doctors Without Borders

(ANTIMEDIA) Had the President of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders not warned us of the “imminent threat to global health” posed by the TPP, would these 22 doctors and patients have lost their lives early Saturday? “I don’t know exactly

McCarthy Bows Out of Speaker Race, Russian Missiles Land in Iran, Okla. Executed Man with Wrong Drugs: P.M. Links

Let me try and think up some NON-offensive party themes for frats and sororities. …wow, this is taking some time… …still thinking… Oh, yes, a dunking booth with a white guy in it. Or instead of “pin the tail on

Federal Employees’ Wages Growing Faster Than Everybody Else’s

Nothing left to cut! But plenty to expand. Following a freeze in federal wages for a couple of years, federal employees are back to making more money and getting better raises and benefits than most private employees. Dog bites man,

REMINDER 2.0: Come Drink with Matt Welch at a Reason Happy Hour in L.A. at 5 p.m.!

Judd WeissIn one hour, The Reason Foundation’s swanky West Coast HQ will be flinging open its doors between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. for booze and snacks and related bonhomie. Why? WHY NOT. Also, I’m in town, and very thirsty.